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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Perfect makeup for all occasions

Party-perfect make-up with Jonas Wramell

It ís celebration season! so we caught up with Oriflame Artistic Director Jonas Wramell to find out just what we should consider when planning our makeup for a celebration!

It depends exactly what type of celebration you're going to. A day party will certainly need different makeup to a night out. Jonas Wramells general rule is this: extra light much less make-up, less light extra makeup.

How can we get the very best results when preparing for an evening out?
Use your makeup in stages. Beginning by putting-on foundation and also concealer, and after that establish your base with a dusting of powder over your forehead, chin, nose and also cheeks. Allow time for your make-up to take and also stabilise prior to applying other items, this is a great time to fix your hair or paint your nails. Currently apply the rest of your make-up in this order: eyebrows, eyes and then lips.

Any type of event makeup don'ts?
Don't overdo it! Wonderful makeup has to do with equilibrium. Either focus on strong eyebrows and also eye make-up, or a declaration lip, however not both at the same time. You can reference the most up to date patterns when it concerns colour, but don't follow trends so closely that you look like a fashion-victim. Rather, look for your most gorgeous attributes and emphasize them, trust me this will certainly look better than any type of elegance trend.

What lipstick colours should we wear this celebration period?
The in trend colour right now is a dark burgundy, but if you don't suit it, select a timeless red lip and you could never ever fail.

How can we make the graphic-eye trend a lot more wearable?
Apply eyeliner as you typically would. After that, utilizing a thin brush dipped in a dark eye shadow, layer over your eye liner to create a smoky make-up appearance. This will certainly be more wearable than graphic eyes.

How can we use radiance?
First use a creamy eye shadow and also dust a light layer of radiance over it. The cream base will certainly assist it to stick. Shine is usually quite hard to pull-off, so try a shimmer-based product instead.

Exactly how can we stay clear of greasy-looking skin when dancing the night away?
If you stress over sparkle, load some blotting documents right into your handbag. If you have troubled skin, utilize a little powder brush (or a huge eye shadow brush) to dust loosened powder onto oil-prone locations. Don't apply powder to your whole face though as this will block pores as well as activate oiliness.

How can we fake a fresh face after a late night?
Primarily, always remove your makeup before you go to sleep and your skin should breath throughout the night. Second rule: hydrate. Consume great deals of water and also moisturise to combat dull skin as well as a puffy face. If you have got bags under your eyes, try a hydrating gel. And also, take a less-is-more strategy to your makeup the day after a big party.

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