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Saturday, 26 November 2016

5steps to a simple facial

5 Steps to a simple facial

What you will need: 
  • Cleansing milk
  • Clarifying scrub
  • Face mask
  • Refreshing toner
  • Face sponges
  • Facial brush
  • Warm water
 1) Apply a 2p sized amount of cleansing milk to your face and rub in using the tips of your fingers in an up and outwards method. Once rubbed in well, rinse your face with warm water using one of the face sponges.
 (Avoid eye area)

2) Apply a 1p sized amount of clarifying scrub to your face and work in a circular motion outwards with your fingertips. Once all of it is worked into the face rinse off again with the face sponge. (Avoid eye area)

3) Apply a 2p sized amount of face mask to each cheek and evenly spread across the face using your facial brush. If not everywhere is covered add a 1p sized amount to the forehead and/or chin and work them in with the facial brush to fill out the mask. Leave the face mask for 20minutes. (Avoid eye area)

4) Now wash your face mask off using one of your facial sponges making sure none is left.

5) Finally apply a small amount of toner to the skin with a patting motion making sure you have covered everywhere this will dry quickly.

Now you should feel and look refreshed and have soft skin!

Top tip- Do not forget to wash your sponges and brush thoroughly to make sure they don't get damaged and you aren't reusing old product on your skin in future.
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