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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

ONE SKIN.ONE LIFE. Feel comfortable, look amazing and take care of your skin TODAY with Oriflame

Looking to be your most glowing self this festive holiday season?
Let our Skin Treatment Expert, Melina Galeadi, overview you with the skin care world by sharing her ideal tips for fantastic wintertime skin.

HOW DOES WINTERTIME WEATHER AFFECT OUR SKIN? Wintertime climate is very extreme on the skin, which creates inequality. This is especially true in countries where wintertime is completely dry. In these climates the impact is even better and ageing indications are accelerated.
One outcome, for example, is more visible expression lines because of loss of dampness.

There are a number of things we could do to protect as well as enhance our skin throughout the winter months. Here are a few suggestions for this winter:
1. CLEANSER MILK Change your foam cleanser to a milk cleanser. You could either use the milk cleanser two times daily or utilize a milk cleanser in the early morning and also a foam cleanser at night. This will certainly ensure that the skin is not removed of its precious oil. We advise: NovAge Smoothing Cleansing Milk.
2. SCRUB Contrary to typical belief, you must use a scrub in wintertime to eliminate dead skin cells as well as completely dry patches. A milder scrub is to like. We suggest: NovAge Smoothing Exfoliating Scrub
3. RICH MOISTURISER Change your moisturiser to a richer kind. Alternatively, if you do not desire transform your moisturiser, you can include a decrease of facial oil to your cream. That will certainly supply the extra nutrients your skin requirements and also give you a natural glow. We suggest: EcoBeauty Face Cream.
4. FACIAL OIL Use a face oil in order to help deeply nourish your skin. Use it during the night when your skin is one of the most receptive and will permit the oil to be correctly absorbed. Attempt a product with organic Argan Oil which will nourish your skin and also disclose a radiant skin tone. We suggest: EcoBeauty Facial Oil
5. MASK Use a moisturising and/or beneficial mask at least twice a week to keep your skin moisturised and nurtured. I suggest: Remember to drink a lot of water and use a humidifier - particularly while you are sleeping. Heaters have the tendency to produce a completely dry indoor atmosphere, so a humidifier is essential to maintain the space's humidity degree at a maximum degree. You will certainly see the outcomes on your skin in the early morning!

Check out the Oriflame skincare range available for you to feel comfortable and look great in your own skin!

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